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Welcome to our new site. Pacifique Studios is now under new ownership. We are proud to announce that Tony Valenziano and Grammy winner Ted Greenberg are now running the facility.

Tony Valenziano

Tony Valenziano is the owner of Smile Media Group, President of Something Music and CEO and Founder of both Smile Records and Model Music Group

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Ted Greenberg

Ted Greenberg has several concurrent successful careers as a musician, (he plays 12 instruments) music producer, audio engineer, film/tv composer, acoustician and teacher.

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Tony Valenziano, owner of Smile Media Group, President of Something Music and CEO and Founder of both Smile Records and Model Music Group got his start in the biz accidentally. His music background started at an early age when his father, then a Capitol Records Sales Manager (later to be head of marketing for Capitol), brought home records by a band called The Beatles. Back in '64, when Tony was only 2, he was taken by the sound of the only music he had ever heard. From that early moment, Tony was driven by a force called rock n roll. Also influenced through his early years by music of his grandparent's era, mainly big-band swing and the crooners of the day, by default Tony was suppose to be in music.

By his late teens, Tony had a band of his own and was playing the L.A. club circuit. The style of music he was playing, power pop, was at the height of popularity in the late 70's, early 80's and his band, The Stand, got signed to A&M Records. They released four records which garnered three top 40 hits and three #1 hits in the college market (CMJ). Tony was the writer and producer on all four releases. This success created a demand for Tony's producing services for other pop acts of the day. These included Jacob's Trouble, Chris Stacey, Smash. This started his music business career after the band broke up in 94. Smile Records was started in 1995 with the release of 12 artists before the end of 2002. Valenziano in 2000 had signed a long-term distribution deal with Image Entertainment; one of the leading distributors of videos/DVD's who entered into the audio market with the signing of Smile. "Powerpop is a continuous genre that transcends all those that come and go, "Tony explains, "yet there's never been a label that has focused entirely on that style of music. Image shares my vision and I’m excited to have them in our corner.

In 2009 Tony Valenziano founded Model Music Group. The Company is based in Los Angeles and is a global operation that licenses, acquires, develops, and distribute both popular and established recording artists, home visual entertainment products, online-digital entertainment and music for filmed entertainment worldwide. Home to The Bangles and John Waite MMG's main goal, concentrating on the signing of established or "Heritage" artists, is bringing a "new business model" to the record industry. With the infrastructure of a major and the focus of an indie, MMG intends to be THE trendsetter for this new horizon of the music entertainment business.

In 2012, as President of Something Music, his current mission is to develop and exploit catalogs of full-featured, high-resolution music/video content by establishing co-venture relationships with prominent artists/musicians, producing new products using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques and exploring all existing and emerging distribution channels (Optical discs, Internet, wireless, subscription, pay-per-view, cable and satellite, etc).. Home to Berlin, The Babys and Dave Mason.

In 2015, Tony and partner Ted Greenberg bought Pacifique Studios. Tony Valenziano's Previous Activities Include: President of Smile Records. Signed The Knack, Carla Olson, Wondermints, Stew, The Andersons, Hutch, The Oranges, sparkle jets u.k., The Negro Problem, Supremium. Valenziano is also a Producer, Musician and Sound Engineer, and has worked in his family owned studio, the famous Sea-Saint in New Orleans. Tony was instrumental with Cello Studios (formerly Western), in the effort of acquisition of the studio, keeping the doors open, and not letting it be torn down. Western was one of the most legendary recording studios in Hollywood (many recordings by Frank Sinatra and Elvis were recorded there).

In Valenziano's years with the studio, amazing records were recorded there with a who's who list of artists including: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, Tom Petty, Willie Nelson, Weezer, The Vines, Madonna, Kris Kristofferson, and Prince, to name a few. His Producing and Engineering credits include: Al Martino, Aaron Neville, Nick Heyward, The Stand, The Mornings, The Ultra Suede, Johnny Angel and The Swingin' Demons, Russell Scott & His Red Hots, Paul1s Grandfather, Recycled Soul, Secret Affair, E.G. Daily, Aguafantastica, Seanna, The Dares,, The Gibson Bros, The Chubbies, Smash, Jacobs Trouble, Maureen & the Mercury 5, Brian Hogan, Jake Hays. As an artist during the mid 80's to mid 90's , Valenziano's band "The Stand" was signed to A&M Records which landed 4 number 1's at College Radio, 2 top 40 hits and 3 top 5 hits in the CCM market.

Ted Greenberg has several concurrent successful careers as a musician, (he plays 12 instruments) music producer, audio engineer, film/tv composer, acoustician and teacher. He graduated from the Philadelphia College of Performing Arts in 1981 earning a Bachelor of the Arts degree. During the 1980's Ted was the showroom house drummer for the Playboy, Tropicana, Sands, Claridge and Showboat hotel casinos backing the likes of Bill Conti, Mary Wilson, Robert Klein, Del Shannon, Barry White, Billy Eckstein, Little Anthony, Wayne Brady and Regis Philbin. He has toured with the Broadway shows "Hair", "A Chorus Line" and artists Chuck Berry, The Drifters, Leslie Gore, Lou Christie, Stuttering John, The Coasters and Bo Diddley. Ted has played drums with Jazz egends George Benson, Gary Bartz, Stanley Clarke, Joey De Francesco Jr., Robin Eubanks and Grover Washington Jr. (bass and drums).

In 1991 Ted started playing drums in the pit orchestras of Philadelphia's musical theaters and teaching audio production at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. In 1993 he opened a "world class" recording studio in Philadelphia called "Big Zone Recording" where he worked with artists; Cyndi Lauper, The Hooters, Joan Osbourne, Levon Helm, Cypress Hill, Joe Satriani, Spearhead, Philosopher Kings and many others. In 1999 he started teaching audio production at the University of the Arts in addition to the Art Institute as well as graduate classes for Cabrini College (1996-1998) and Villanova University (2000).

In 2003 Ted won 2 Grammys (best soundtrack for a movie and best female R&B vocal with Chakka Kahn) plus 2 Tec awards (technical excellence) for producing and mixing the soundtrack for the movie "Standing In The Shadows Of Motown". In the same year he moved to Los Angeles and opened 3 "world class" recording studios in Hollywood within the Cello studios complex (now East West Studios). In 2005 he started teaching audio production for UCLA Extension and in 2007 for the Art Institute of Los Angeles where he worked until December of 2014. In 2008 Ted was the keynote speaker at the graduation ceremonies for the Musicians Institute of Hollywood and started teaching audio production there from 10/2008-12/2009 winning the Instructor of the Year award in 2009.

On January 20th 2009 Ted's life changed drastically when while operating a motorcycle he was hit by a car that went through a red light. He broke and shattered both legs, ripped up both shoulders and sustained a severe head injury. Living through a near death experience and being told by doctors that he might not walk again changed his life for the better. Ted has rededicated himself to God and has become stronger emotionally, spiritually and physically (he is currently still undergoing physical therapy and is in the process of making a complete recovery).

In 2010 he won the Spirit of Excellence award and in 2011, the Spirit of Excellence Champion award at the Art Institute of Los Angeles. In the fall of 2011, Ted started graduate school at Cal State LA seeking an MFA in Film, Television and Theater Production. He won a Key Art Award (Hollywood Reporter) in 2013 for his production / engineering work with Selectracks/BMG and in June 2014 he graduated with honors (Phi Kappa Phi) from Cal State LA with a Master of Fine Arts degree. As a music mixer he charted #20 (2014) and #7 (2015) on Billboard's Dance Chart with 2 different songs that he mixed for Nikkole Hall's "Hallucination" CD. In March of 2015 Ted started a record label called, "Dangerous Analog" that creates new content in the jazz and classical genres for audiophiles who desire excellent quality sound recordings. He was hired in May of 2015 to teach audio production at California State University Los Angeles and is currently employed Ted currently has his own studio called the "Cottage" in Burbank Ca. and has recently purchased Pacifique Studios in North Hollywood where he produces, mixes, plays and composes music for artists as well as for Film and Television.

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